Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home-cooked Breakfast

John and I were lucky enough to be given SO MANY cool presents at my bridal shower (THANK YOU ALL!!) and we experimented with some of the breakfast gadgets the next morning.  

First, I had to make waffles on our new waffle maker
Ooooo... pretty!
Since we were making peanut butter waffles, we needed flour, sugar, vegetable oil, milk, salt, vanilla, baking powder, an egg and PEANUT BUTTER.
I didn't follow the directions well, but the waffles turned out okay.  
(Me beating the egg white into peaks)

(Me mixing all the ingredients together)
John took all the pictures while I was mixing and he couldn't resist snapping this shot.
(Notice the focus is not the delicious waffle mix, but on my engagement ring.)
Anyway, the mix was then poured into the waffle maker.  Make sure to oil it first.  We don't really use those non-stick sprays like Pam anymore, and they are forbidden on non-stick surfaces anyway.  We have this cool new Misto Oil Sprayer that I used for this. 
Oooooo a finished waffle!  You may notice to the right there is a red plate with ruined waffle on it.  That is because I didn't oil the waffle maker before making the first one.  I figured, hey, it's non-stick, why would I need to oil it?!  Because non-stick does NOT equal easy food release.  So, take my advice.  Oil the waffle maker.  

We were ALSO given an electric griddle.  As I struggled and succeeded with the waffles, John made bacon and eggs with ease.
Beautiful breakfast, no?


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