Monday, October 5, 2009


When John and I made our wedding registry, the only thing I wanted more than ANYTHING was a breadmaker. I was dying to be able to easily make my own bread any time! I spend a lot of time (maybe too much time!) picking out the perfect one. My adorable cousin got it for me the moment I registered. John and I have been putting it to work. Last night after Apple Picking we decided to make our first loaf of French bread!


Finished!First yummy slice!
For breakfast I had slices of homemade bread with apple butter I picked up at the orchard last night....

along with my smoothie (2 valencia oranges, frozen bananas, flax seeds, and almond milk)
For dinner, I made spinach fettuccine with my fake alfredo sauce, onions, garlic, and succotash.

I chopped the onions while John smashed up garlic.
I sauteed them with garlic and oil while the macaroni cooked.
I added a cube of chicken broth I had made and frozen to the garlic and oil and cooked up some frozen succotash in it.
When the macaroni and the fake alfredo sauce were done, I added them to the veggie mix...
and enjoyed!


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