Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday: Pizza a la Eggplant Smush

A few months ago John and I went to a Lebanese Restaurant in town and I had this really good eggplant dish.  Since I had a few eggplants left I decided to try and re-create it on the top of my pizza.
First, I sauteed LOTS of onion and garlic in grape seed oil.  Lots. You know how I feel about onions and garlic.  I am one smelly-breathed girl!

  When the onions were almost clear, I added chunks of eggplant. 

I let them cook alllll the way down, and then added what was left of a bag of frozen tomato sauce I had made a few weeks ago (the rest was in this).  See how nice and smushy the eggplant got?!

While the eggplant mix continued to simmer together, I rolled out the whole wheat dough and covered it in Ricotta cheese. Usually I cut the dough after the pizza cooks, but when it is a loaded pizza it tends to be a mess, so I precut this one.  GREAT idea, must remember that for next time. 
 After the dough baked, I spooned the eggplant smush on top and ate it.  It didn't taste the same as the restaurant one (I tend to be light on the salt), but it was really warm and filling and perfect for me!


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  1. That looks so good, I've never thought to put eggplant on pizza.