Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Reincarnation of the Roast Chicken

I kept breakfast (smoothie, duh) and lunch pretty simple today because I was planning on using the breasts from the chicken I roasted in the slow cooker the other day.

Lunch's Salad:

Baby greens, tomato, pear, and mushroom!

Before I get to dinner, let me warn you.  It was not that great.  BUT it was a learning experience and it fed us.  Here's what I did:  

1.  Melted 2 cubes of chicken broth from the roasted chicken in a small pot (to cook quinoa) and 2 other cubes in a deep pan (to cook veggies and heat chicken)

2.  Boiled water and chicken broth and cooked quinoa in small pot

3.  Defrosted various frozen veggies in pan with chicken broth

4.  Added chicken breasts to frozen veggies to heat up

5.  Served with quinoa

What went wrong?  The chicken was dry, the veggies were soggy, and the quinoa was too moist.  I really wish I had eaten a bigger lunch :(


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