Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hi, Raw Wednesday!

I had mentioned a while ago that I was thinking about incorporating a high-raw day into my diet each week  Today was that day.

Started out with a smoothie full of almond milk, an apple, and a bag of frozen mixed fruit (I told you we need to go food shopping!

For late lunch/early dinner I made a salad with 2 tomatoes...
half an onion...
and a HUGE green apple!

I mixed that up with some grape seed oil, red wine vinegar, salt, parsley, and oregano. 
It was so good.  I can't even explain it.

After work (Wednesdays are my late night, so it was WELL after dinner hour) I had a non-raw treat, but it was delicious.    I took the apple butter we bought when we went apple picking and some boysenberry jam (cooked at a very low temperature according to the jar... so that still counts as raw-ish, right? ) and spread it over the cookies we made last night!! YAY!!  What a treat!!


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