Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watermelons and Beets

Align CenterBack in the beginning of August, John's dad threw a bunch of watermelon seeds into the yard to see if they would grow. Of all the seeds, one took and produced one cute baby watermelon.
We thought it might not be edible, but we cut it open anyway!

It was red!!
Of course I ate it... It was so cute!

Just for the record, I had been at work all day AND it was super humid. Please excuse the hair!

This weekend my eating habits were... less than stellar. I really wanted a cleansing smoothie to start the week. I read about beet smoothies here and decided THAT would be the way to go.
1 beet
a few beet green leaves
1 tiny frozen banana
1 green apple
almond milk
ground flax seeds

I packed a tupperware for breakfast...
and poured the rest into an ice pop mold!
(The yellow and purple ones hold the ghosts of smoothies past)
And this was dessert!



  1. That looks awesome, what a great color! I use beet greens all the time in my smoothies, but never thought to use the beets in it. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. saw your colorful cauli...does the "cheddar cauli" taste much different? i saw it in the store of an apple orchard and wondered.

  3. Thanks for reading! The colorful cauliflower doesn't taste much different. The colored ones do have slightly more of certain nutrients than regular ones, but that and the color are the only main differences. We actually ate the purple one last night, so stay tuned for that recipe.