Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smoothies and Shopping, with a side of Green Beans!

Before I talk about today, I MUST mention last night's dinner. John took me out to eat and I had this incredible BUTTERNUT SQUASH ravioli. It was in a VERY light basil Parmesan sauce. Normally I like to sop up a ton of sauce, but this was only a touch and it was prrrrr-fect.

Back to today. Smoothie= peach pie.
Actually, it is 2 peaches, cinnamon, soy milk, swiss chard, some dried coconut, and some ground flax seeds. But it TASTED like Peach Pie.

Lunchtime was a green bean concoction that I have been making since I first moved out of my parents' house. Orange-Balsamic Green Beans.

Boil Water

While the water boils, peel some garlic...
And smash it up!
When the water boils, throw in the green beans
As soon as the green beans change in color and float, scoop them out and plunge them in ice water.
Mix the green beans with the smashed garlic, balsamic vinegar, oil, and a few splashes of orange juice and let it sit in the fridge for a while (the longer the better, within reason).

As for the shopping, we went to Christmas Tree Shop and saw Jackfruit Chips. The last time I saw anything Jackfruit was when we were in Disney World, so I was so excited. The only ingredients were Jackfruit and Palm Oil. Not bad! The price? $1.99. The taste? So cool!


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  1. I love green beans and yours sound tasty! That ravioli sounds great too, I may have to try making some.