Thursday, May 13, 2010

Broccoli Supreme

I was in charge of side dishes the other day, and I went right for an old standard: Roasted Broccoli.  We had 3 heads of it (without the stems.  I used them in a sauce that will be posted another time) so it was a natural choice.  I wanted to spice it up a bit, so I searched the internet for ideas.  Idea Found.

I mixed a ton of broccoli tops with olive oil and salt.  Then it was spread on a baking sheet with sliced garlic.

Baked at 425 until it was browned....
Then a lemon was juiced and zested (is that the past tense of zest?) on top and mixed with shaved Parmesan Cheese.  

WOW.  This was just as easy to make as regular roasted broccoli, but the taste was out of this world.  That might have had something to do with our new obsession with really good cheeses.  The Parmesan we shaved on it took it right over the edge. 

PS-The main dish was a John concoction of grassfed beef cubes diced even smaller, brown rice, and eggs.  It was delicious!


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