Sunday, May 23, 2010

Buttermilk Waffles...MMM!

While food shopping last week, I saw some grass-fed buttermilk.  Of COURSE I had to buy it and make some breakfast magic!

Of course, now that I am ready to post about it, I can't find the recipe I used.  I hope you enjoy the photos anyway.  

First I mixed together the dry ingredients...
Then the wet ingredients...
And then the wet AND dry.

The recipe said to whip the egg white separately.  I did it, but I think this is the last time I will, since they were not whipped well and it still tasted good.  Why should I make extra work!?
Anyway... Then I turned on the waffle iron and sprayed it lightly with olive oil.  We use MISTO to spray most of our oils.  It uses air pressure rather then chemical propellants. 
The waffles were then poured in and cooked up!
They were nearly perfect, if I do say so myself!  John had them plain, but I jazzed it up with his homemade yogurt and lots of fruits!


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