Saturday, June 5, 2010

'Tater Chips

I have a confession to make.  I had never made real potato chips.  I usually made too-thick baked potato slices.  Blech.  I slice them too thick, oil them too much, and cook them at too low of a temperature.  So I stopped making them. 

The other day, I felt like making John some yummy snacks, and I know how much he loves good potato chips.  We had potatoes, so I figured, why not?

First, I sliced the potatoes in half so I had a manageable pieces of food to handle with the mandolin. 
Then, I sliced them.  Really thin.  In the past, I have had a problem with the mandolin.  I end up hurting my hand because it is not slicing easily.  This time, I checked the thickness thing and realized I had it backwards.  In other words, I was making it thicker when I wanted it to be thinner.  DUHHHH!  So this time, it was EASY.  The slices were really thin.  
The next decision to be made?  What to fry them in.  I settled on duck fat.  We had purchased it a few weeks ago and hadn't used it yet. 
When the fat was all liquidey and hot, I placed the potato slices in a few at a time, making sure not to overcrowd them.
When the edges started to buckle, I flipped them carefully.  I say carefully because I burned my finger on the first one.  Ouch. 
Eventually, they all browned up and were ready.  I salted them as they were removed from the pan. 
John ate them in five minutes flat.  I think that would make it a success, don't you?

This recipe was also posted on Two For Tuesday at A Moderate Life



  1. A definitely success! I love homemade potato chips...and I bet the duck fat made them completely irresistible!

  2. Jackie!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe on the two for tuesday recipe blog carnival! I am a potato chip NUT and have always tried to make them, but this seems so VERY simple! I am so making these this weekend! Do you think they would work in the beef tallow I made in my last batch of bone stock? I HAVE to get some duck fat for sure!

    So glad to find your spot as well! will grab your feed and follow!

    :) alex

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying them so far! I think they would be GREAT with the beef tallow... It would probably be reminiscent of a burger-and-fries-type-meal... only not.

  4. Please, just whisk me away to heaven on a potato chip fried in duck fat. Darn it, I don't have a mandolin yet, but I do have a veg peeler, and that works pretty well, too, if you're determined.