Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raw Milk

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in the Poconos.  It was a great break from reality (as if 12 days in Hawai'i a month ago wasn't enough of a break).  The culinary high point?  Our first taste of rawwwww milk.  

Here in New Jersey where we live, raw milk is illegal.  We have been reading quite a bit about the benefits and were intrigued, but it is not something we can just go to the store and buy.  In Pennsylvania, however, it is legal.  It is available both at farms and in stores.  The store closest to our hotel was sold out, so we pranced to the farm down the hill.  I pranced, at least.  John didn't.  He doesn't prance much.  

Anyway, we grabbed a 1/2 gallon and brought it to the hotel room.  We also grabbed some chocolate chip brownie cookies that were to-die-for.

Looks good, doesn't it!!  It tasted WAY better than regular store milk, the typical kind, but we found the taste to be comparable to that of grass-fed pasteurized whole milk.  It was definitely worth it, though, to experience it!

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  1. i grew up on it and can't make myself like the processed stuff. you know all the fat is taken out and then put back according to consummer preference. whole milk in the us is 3.5%. in europe it's 3.9% - that's why gelato is richer than ice cream even though is hasn't a drop of cream. fat is flavor. not to mention the damage the pasteurization does to vitamines and enzimes. raw rules!

  2. Jackie! I get raw milk from a wonderful amish dairy that does a delivery to long island. Truth is, YOU in NJ can get raw milk if you get on a delivery like uddermilk. Here is the link: http://www.uddermilk.com/ my friend lives in princeton and she uses this company to get raw sheeps milk. Glad you found some of the good stuff! Our family is simply adoring the milk!

  3. We have been thinking about using uddermilk for a while. It's not really feasible in our current apartment situation, but we should be moving to our own house this month (fingers crossed!!) and that is on our list of things to set up there. It's good to hear some positive feedback about that company!