Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lentil Soup Remix (with a side of Microwave Musings)

John is feeling better (YAY!!), but there was still a little bit of Lentil Soup left.  I started heating up a small pot of the soup on the stove. 

Normally, I would have stuck it in the microwave, but I am trying to use it less.  Not so much because of a "fear of radiation," although who really knows.  I am using the stove/oven instead of the microwave to keep my kitchen cleaner.  Crazy, right?  NOT AT ALL!  When the food is in the microwave, I spend the 1-2 minutes waiting.  Impatiently.  On the STOVE, however, I feel like I am cooking.  There isn't a set time for it to be finished, so I straighten up the kitchen as I wait.  Bonus?  I wind up being MUCH more creative!  Case in point?  Lentil Soup Remix.

As it started to heat up, I added some plumped up raisins... some slivered almonds.... and some cinnamon.  WOW!

 Not using the microwave is going to be MMm MMm Good!


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