Sunday, January 24, 2010

Breakfast of Champions!

This is a two-part breakfast extravaganza!  I wanted to treat John to breakfast delight, and I think I did.  He reported that is was, "The best breakfast you have ever made!"  I'll take that!

I started with cinnamon rolls.  It is one of our favorite snacks, but as we attempt to eat more whole foods, the store bought or "Pillsbury" type have gone out the window.  How did I make them?

First, I rolled out some whole wheat pizza dough and...

brushed melted butter on it.  I am still learning to use this camera, and haven't quite mastered the close-up focus thing yet.  That's why the focus is on the brush-person's belly and not the brush part.  Oops.

Anyway, then I (heavily) sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon on top.  The brown sugar is the darker brown, the cinnamon is the lighter brown on top. 

After it was rolled up...

and sliced, I placed it in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes.

While that cooked, I made a version of the Pioneer Woman's "Egg-in-a-Hole." 

Now, her recipe says to melt a bunch of butter in the pan, then throw the "holey" bread in it.   I didn't want to
waste the butter, so I buttered the BREAD before I put a hole in it.  I sliced the holes with my new ravioli cutters, aren't the ridges cool?!

One-by-one, they went into the pan

and were filled with egg.

I ALSO cooked up the centers, because, ya know, waste not-want-not.

By this time, the cinnamon buns were done!!!

The whole plate?

Yeah, that's a cool breakfast.


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