Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Present #1

Since I moved out and began really cooking I have been using a little itty bitty food processor.  It was one of those one cup deals.  I think I actually picked it as my prize when I redeemed a bunch of tickets at Dave and Busters.  Tells you a bit about me, don't it!

If you have ever tried to do any processing of food in one of those 1-cuppers, you know how futile it it is.  I have been WISHING for a real food processor.  I even registered for one on my wedding registry, knowing it would be months until I got it, IF anyone even picked it.  I mean, it's not the most glamorous gift unless you really know me (side note to the givers of the hand mixer- YOU KNOW ME!) So, yeah, you get the picture.  I really wanted one.

Fast forward months.  I was at John's mom's house and we were talking about Fudge Babies.  Well, I was talking about them.  And drooling.  They were listening.  Kind of.  Anyway, I mentioned that I was only making about 6 at a time because that is all I could fit in my little processor.  His mom turned to me and said, "Why didn't you tell me you wanted one?  I have 2!"  Turns out, she had one that she had NEVER USED!!! I got a brand new food processor!!!!!!!!!  A huge wonderful one!!

Isn't it a beauty?  Thanks!

Right away I started working with it!  We made nut butters...

which are delicious with a side of bananas

that is almond butter, by the way.

and shredded our own cheese for the pepperoni bread!


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