Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pepperoni Bread

My mom always makes pepperoni bread around the holidays.  It is a HUGE family favorite.  For the past few years I have also been making it, just like she does, only I stuff it much more than she does!

First, you have to let the dough rise.  Well, you don't HAVE to, but it makes the next step much easier.   I used one bag of whole wheat pizza dough. 

After you roll the dough out,

COVER it in pepperoni!!! I have tried others, but only Hormel Slicing Pepperoni (sliced thin) has that perfect taste.  I order MUCH more than I need to because I tend to prepare this step like this:
1 slice on bread,
1 slice in mouth.
1 slice on bread,
1 slice... oh no, two are stuck together!  2 slices in mouth!

Add a layer of shredded mozarella on top and...

Roll it up!  Right before you bake it (about an hour at 350), you can cover it in egg white to get that golden look on the finished bread.

Now, this bread is so yummy that I could not take a picture before it was gone.  This picture is from a loaf I made in 2005 on St. Patricks Day.  (Yes.  It is green.  If you put food coloring in the egg wash that you smear on top, the bread will appear that color.  I promise!)


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