Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black Bean Brownies

I decided to jump up onto the black bean brownie train.  I have been seeing it appear on blog after blog and it always looks.... cool.  I had a bag of dried brown beans, so I figured why not join in?

The recipe I used was based off of of the Happy Herbivore's version because it was a bit healthier.  Some of the others I had seen included multiple sticks of butter and things of that nature.  The only problem was the binding agent.  You'll see, later.  

After soaking the black beans in cold water overnight and boiling them for about an hour and half, I measured out 15 ounces of  beans. 
The recipe called for cocoa powder, but of course, I didn't have any, so I melted down some baking chocolate to equal the same amount. 
The other ingredients were added in (agave, cinnamon, vanilla) and then I had a problem.  The binding agent?  2 BANANAS.  
John hates bananas. 
After hemming and hawing, I settled on using only 1 banana and then supplementing it with 1 egg.  I was afraid to get rid of the bananas totally because I there wasn't much else included along the lines of sweeteners. 
After this was all mixed up together, and some oats thrown in for good measure, I greased the 8x8 pan.
Could I be more frugal?  After I finish a stick of butter, I throw the wrapper in the freezer.  When it is time to grease a pan, I just use the wrapper.  I can get 2 8x8 pans greased with 1 wrapper.  LOVE saving money!
The batter was then smeared into the pan and baked. 
The finished result was just okay.  John didn't like it, but he didn't know why.  He couldn't taste the banana until after I told him it was there.  I think it just needs to be a little less healthy.  

Fear not.  I will try it again.  



  1. Good for you for giving black bean brownies a spin! I too ran across HH's recipe and gave my own version a try here:

    You could try canned pumpkin to replace the bananas if your husband doesn't like them (Chocolate often overpowers any pumpkin flavor). That's what I'll do the next time I make them.

    I like your blog and the loads of prep photos! The butter wrapper/freezer idea is pretty awesome :-)

  2. Hi Jackie,
    I obviously dion't visit the blogs you do as I had not come across a black bean brownie recipes until now, so Thank you so much for introducing me to it. Like you I am willing to give it a go.

    PS I think my husbands reaction would be similar to Johns, even if it was perfect, the idea of beans in a brownie recipe, would get a 'no way' reaction.

  3. Maybe applesauce instead of the banana? That's what Bethenny Frankel uses in her Skinny Chocolate Muffins!